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All Stars

PVLL Hosts the 11-Year-Old All Star Tournament!

PVLL is honored to host the 2021 11U District 36 All Star Tournament at our main field, Valmonte. There is ample room to safely warm up and no-doubt, the best burgers in town are available. Our location is 3801 Via La Selva, Palos Verdes Estates, California 90274. 

All-Star Rosters

12U Roster

Henry Armstrong
Charlie Barner
Asher Friedman
Will Gardner
Owen Hardesty
Christian Reis
Weston Reis
Cooper Sheriff
Logan Shibata
Luke Stenberg
Luke Swanholt
Travis Tomaro
Caleb Turse

11U Roster

Samuel Allen
Lyle Blatz
Malcolm DeLeo
Becket McDuffie
Nicolas Mentesana
Becker Lopes
Hudson Pannuzzo
Brock Possemato
Justin Rodriguez
Colton Sinfield
Heaton Strongin
Jackson Suhling
William Todaro


10U Gold Roster

August Accardo
Cole Enfield
Luke Gomez
Brayden Hill
Flynn Kirst
Jack Nguyen
Dillon Reddy
Ashton Rigg
Drew Sachs
Liam Sanford
Luke Simonsen
Robert Slane
Declan Young


10U Black Roster

Miles Baranick
Jackson Byard
Rocco Ciccone
Conor Eroen
Cody Kim
Bennett Lopes
Lucas MacAllister
Drew Myhre
Tyler Nguyen
Griffin Rudy
Hudson Sheffield
Tanner Tamilin
Tyler Turse

Lower and Upper Fields

3801 Via La Selva
Palos Verdes Estates, California 90274

Selection Process

Each year, before, during, and after the All Star teams are selected, we receive questions about the process of selection.  The PVLL process is always posted on our website in the Master Rules files.  Additionally, each year, the process is given considerable thought and reviewed by the board to determine if changes are necessary.

Below you will find the All-Star Selection Process as defined in our rules and approved by the Board.

ARTICLE V- All Star Selection Process

The following principles are kept in mind:

  1. The All Star team should be the “League's Team”
  2. The selection process should not be political.  The goal of the selection process is to choose the best players for the All Star team.
  3. Each player should know the selection process was inherently fair and objective.
  4. The entire team should be selected before the All Star manager is chosen.

With these principles in mind, the following is the process for choosing each All Star team and manager:

Number of Players on a Team:

  • 12 Year Old Team - A total of 13 players shall be on the 12 year old team roster, plus 2 alternates in order of selection.
  • 11 Year Old Team - A total of 13 players shall be on the 11 year old team roster, plus 2 alternates in order of selection.
  • 10 Year Old Team - A total of 13 players shall be on the 10 year old team roster, plus 2 alternates in order of selection.
  • 9/10 Year Old Team - A total of 13 players shall be on the 9/10 year old team, with a maximum of four (4) ten year olds and a minimum of nine (9) nine year olds


12, 11 & 10 year-old All-Star teams - Selection of the first six (6) players

The players choose the first 6 players, at minimum.  This is accomplished by having the players vote for 13 players.  The top 6 vote getters are automatically on the team. It is recommended that the President and Player agent, rather than a coach or manager, hand out the ballots and emphasize to the players that the voting is not and should not be a popularity contest.

Selection of remaining players

The remainder of the teams will be chosen by the managers of the respective division. After the player-selected players are chosen, the managers will discuss/roundtable the players they believe should be on the ballot.  Each manager is encouraged and free to express all opinions relative to each nominee.  Each manager is responsible for bringing player statistics to this meeting.  After this discussion/roundtable is complete, the managers vote.

A manager may not nominate his/her own child, and must leave the room for discussion and voting on his/her own child.  The purpose is to select one player at a time (i.e. slot number 10 is filled before slot number 11 is filled, etc.).  If a manager wants his/her child nominated, he is required to have one of his coaches come to the All-Star selection meeting to nominate the manager's child and present that player's statistics to the other managers.

Each manager will be given a ballot with the nominated players.  Each manager will have one vote.  After the initial vote, a player with a majority of votes is on the team. This process may involve a series of votes until each slot is filled.  If after a vote no player has a majority of votes, the voting results will be discussed, further discussion will take place, and another vote will follow.

This process will continue until a player receives the majority of votes and the particular spot is filled.  The Player Agent and President will conduct the roundtable and balloting.

Selection of Alternates

After the team is chosen, the managers will vote on one alternate. After the vote for the first alternate is completed, the managers will vote on a second alternate. The names will not be publicly disclosed, pending a determination of the need for an alternate.  If an alternate is needed, then that disclosure will be made.  The particular status of a needed alternate will be the same as a regularly selected player.

9/10 Year-Old All Star Team

Given that this team is still a pilot program and it involves two different age groups that span two divisions, the selection process differs from the other 3 teams.  Players for this team will be selected solely by the Intermediate Managers with input from the Minor's managers. 

Selection of Manager and Coaches

After the team is selected, the managers who are interested in being the All Star manager will inform the President of their interest. The President will then immediately inform the Players Agent of the names of the managers who have expressed an interest in being the All Star manager.  Each manager will have one vote.  The manager who is selected will choose the coaching staff. 


On June 1st, after the closing ceremonies have concluded, the All-Star teams player rosters, managers and coaches will be posted on PVLL's website. 

The player and parents of the player must commit that the player will attend all practices and will be available for every game throughout the tournament.  If the player and parents cannot make the commitment to be at each practice and be available for every game throughout the tournament, then the alternate will be called.  If a player misses three practices during the entire All-Star season, except for family emergency, illness or injury, or misses one tournament game, except for family emergency, illness or injury, then the player will be removed from the team. This commitment will be posted on the league website and emailed to the registration database of the league.

The aforementioned All Star Process may be reviewed on an annual basis and amended by the board as long as there is majority support by the board.