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2016 Registration is Open

By PVLL, 11/02/15, 3:45PM PST


Registration for the 2016 season is finally open!  Sign up now for the best Little League baseball experience you can find.

This year, we will have Early Bird specials until Dec 1.  And, we always have sibling discounts.  But register soon - we close registration on Dec 31.


New This Year

This year, registration is slightly different than prior years.  We have changed our registration and website provider.  

Therefore, you will need to create a new login ID and password.  We have tried to streamline the registration process as much as possible, but we do require a substantial amount of information to ensure we meet Little League’s and our insurance guidelines.

Also, this new login will be useful for the improved functionality of our new website, launching prior to the 2016 season.  That login will give you a bunch of personalized information (schedules on the app!), so please keep it handy.

Division, Ages, etc.

The division your son or daughter will play in is determined by "league age."  Once you enter a birthdate, a league age is automatically calculated and the division that he or she is eligible for will be opened for registration. As you may be aware, Little League International is using a new age calendar this year, and during this transition, it is slightly complex.  But, no worries, we will help you through all of it.

A quick rundown: Your son or daughter's Little League age is based upon his or her actual age as of August 31 for that Little League season (e.g. for the 2016 Spring Season, your child's age as of August 31, 2016).  This is true for all but players with birthdays before 2005 (April 30th is the determination date).

Because of this transition, we will be more flexible in assigning your child to a division that is most appropriate based on their ability.  The registration will automatically assign you to a division based on your child’s age, but you will have the opportunity to request to play in a lower division.

Divisions available by league age:

  • Tee Ball division ages 4 thru 6
  • Farm division ages 6 and 7
  • Minor division ages 8 and 9
  • Intermediate division ages 10 and 11
  • Major division age 12


Again, if you have concerns that your son or daughter may not be qualified to play in the division automatically assigned then please note that in the appropriate registration question text box and / or send an email with your concern to  This information will be forwarded to the player agent for that division so they can follow up with you.

Playing up a division will be determined by the draft and therefore by the managers in the division - there is no way to register for a division above the league age threshold.

Important Dates

In an effort to be transparent about potential date conflicts, we have decided to post some important dates that you should be aware of:

  • Opening Weekend: February 27-28 (games may start the week leading up to opening day dependent on the number of teams this year).
  • Spring Break: No games from Friday, April 1 through Sunday, April 10.
  • Post Season Tournament: Targeted for May 26 through June 4 (Closing Day).  This includes games during the entire Memorial Day weekend.


If you are experiencing trouble registering, please contact us at for help and somebody will get back to you asap....

Thanks as always and see you out on the fields.