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An Important Note from the President

By Ed Sipes, 07/15/20, 9:15AM PDT


PVLL Nation,

We hope each of you is healthy and staying safe. I write this while sitting at Valmonte (“Valmo”) in the empty stands remembering so many great memories that have taken place here. From T-Ball days, seeing kids’ first home runs, amazing sportsmanship and of course, kids loading up on as much sugar as humanly possible from the snack shack. Seriously, who knew our kids needed 4 ring pops in a single day??? But mainly the thing I miss the most is the camaraderie of the friends and families just hanging out at Valmo during games and talking baseball. There really is no place like Valmo.

As I think everyone knows, the PVLL Board worked pretty darn hard to get our season resumed. Despite our efforts, the County of Los Angeles has still not approved the resumption of youth sports and specifically, organized baseball. Therefore, it pains me to write this, but the PVLL Board has been forced to cancel the 2020 Spring baseball season.

We ask that you remember that PVLL is a non-profit volunteer-run organization that is fully dependent on fund-raising and league enrollment dues. Please note most of our expenses were incurred at the beginning of the season to purchase uniforms, equipment, Opening Day festivities, pay insurance and charter fees, stock our snack shack, etc. Typically our world-famous snack shack brings in a substantial profit to help sustain our league, but with our season cut so short, it just did not happen this year. Additionally, while we were waiting and planning for the season to resume, we incurred substantial expenses expanding the dugouts at Valmonte into the bullpens, so we could have the necessary social distancing if our season resumed. These expenses were in addition to our regular and ongoing field maintenance costs.

Thus far our PVLL Nation has been amazing and understanding about wanting to keep PVLL’s hope for this season alive, but this is no longer possible. Further, as a result of incurred and projected expenses through the end of the year, along with the loss of the late season revenue, this year’s expenses are expected to exceed revenues and we will not be offering refunds.

However, if any of our PVLL Nation members are under economic hardship during these unprecedented times and you need to recoup a portion of your registration fees, please email me at and we will assist you in making that happen. For those of you that have been in the league for years, you understand that PVLL is more than just a baseball league, it is truly a crucial part of the fabric of our community. For the newbies in T-Ball, I am really sorry that you didn’t get the full flavor of what it means to be part of PVLL. But the good news is, you have a lot more years in front of you to enjoy PVLL.

If you purchased snack shack vouchers, we will be carrying those vouchers forward to next season. If you are a parent of a 12 year-old player and you don’t have any other PVLL players, please email Ryan Yakubik at by August 15th and he will assist you with your voucher refund.

We will continue to plan and prepare for next season. We all look forward to the day when we can see you and your PVLL players at the fields again.


Ed Sipes
PVLL President