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What Can I Do With the Mobile App?

Fans, parents, athletes, and coaches of PVLL now have unprecedented access to scores, stats, schedules, photo and video sharing, and more.

Install the Sport Ngin mobile app today and keep up with the latest schedules, results, news and statistics. Share photos and videos right from the game and enjoy rosters and player profiles, complete with game-by-game statistics.

Admins can edit games, events and rosters right from the palm of their hands. No longer do you need to get to a computer to finalize scores, update player roster images or reschedule a game.

It is important to note that the app is not a substitute for everything on the website - it does not have every page or piece of information available.  Instead, it is a tool to get the transactional information easier - schedules, scores, standings, and messaging.

For Families

One app keeps you connected to all of your teams. Busy families get the latest schedules and team updates for every athlete in the house, plus a way to give coaches a heads up about practice. On top of that, followers enjoy unlimited access to scores & stats, photo/video sharing, and more.

Tell me more...

Team Messaging

Text or email, families and athletes choose how they receive team updates so coaches don’t ever have to wonder if their message is getting across.


Add a practice, game or meeting with full details, and send invites out to team members all at once.


Team members RSVP to scheduled events, practices or games right from their phones, and coaches eliminate hours of back-and-forth with one look at their team’s availability screen.

Quick Score

Enter scores right on the spot, and get results to fans as soon as they’re final.


Set rosters directly from registration, import from spreadsheets or quickly add individuals.

Moderate posts

Approve photos, videos, and posts from followers before they go public.

You can find more help and help videos on Sport Ngin's help site for the mobile App.

Download Here

The Sport Ngin Mobile App is a powerful way to keep updated on Team information.  You can even view your schedule, send and receive messages, and RSVP to your events.  Download here for iPhone and Android:

Available on the Apple app store Android app on Google Play

Important Answers

How do I follow teams on the App?

There are two ways to do this.  First, when you are assigned a team, the team will automatically show up on your app if you are signed in with your Sport Ngin ID.  You can also search for your team by typing in "PVLL" in the search bar - all of the PVLL teams will show up.

Can I use this before the season starts and teams are assigned?

Well, the answer is slightly complex.  Of course you can download it and follow a team, but in order to post news and pictures and follow a schedule, you need to have a team assigned.  So, until teams are assigned, you will only be in "Fan" mode.  But, it is still cool.

What is NOT on the App?

A lot, actually.  All of the informational pages on our website are only found on the website.  The App is really a way to keep in contact with your team (or other teams) and see information specific to your team: schedule, games, standings, pictures, etc.  Information such as Rules, Locations - the more static information - are not on the App.