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4th Annual PVLL Golf Tournament

Registration for the 4th Annual PVLL Golf Tournament

4th Annual PVLL Golf Tournament


Palos Verdes Little League

Since 1954, Palos Verdes Little League has been serving the PV community with a different breed of Little League baseball.  Not only do we focus "on the field," but off it as well.  It is our families that make a difference in creating the best Little League baseball experience anywhere.  We hope you agree.

Final memories from the PVLL 2017 Opening day.  A big thank you to all that made this a wonderful and fun day.  





All aerial videos were created and produced by R Aerial Photography.

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4th Annual PVLL Golf Tourney

Our Sponsors

Palos Verdes Little League is open to relevant, long-term sponsors who support our values and foster building our community.  We have a number of ways to reach our families, including a limited amount of advertising on our site.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, click here to learn more about available opportunities.


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